Bank Your Bitcoin is an innovative crypto-exchange service which provides the fastest and safest way to exchange your crypto to real money with the highest rates on the market! We’ve created a beautiful, elegant, convenient service with magnificent power and technology behind it. Touch the magic and enjoy our service.


Standard PayPal fee is around 4%, but we cover 5% so you can receive exact amount.


If your exchange request is more than $100, we will pay from multiple accounts to protect you and us from any kind of PayPal limitation.


You can ask for a full refund if you change your mind or even partly if we already started to close your request.


All exchange requests depend on amount will be closed for less than 1 hour. If you have a big exchange request it might take little bit longer.


We put random comments on each transactions not connected with crypto exchange so PayPal can't ask you additional questions.


Our support can help you with any questions and resolve any problem. Just contact us: or submit a form:

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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we compiled a list of frequently asked question and answers for you. By any means if you have any other questions other than the ones listed below, please reach out.

Our project was founded in August 2019. Within a month of growth we have transacted and paid out over $20,000.

Funds come from clean and verified PayPal accounts controlled by us.

Usually our billing team starts to send money after the 3rd confirmation, but depending on the amount it can be little bit longer.

All exchange requests protected are from CRYPTO rate fluctuation. If it grows we pay the higher rate. If it falls we pay by rate when request was made. Example 1: Rate grows You sent to us 1 BTC by 10,000 USD/BTC Next day BTC rate is 12,000 USD/BTC This way you will get 12,000 instead of 10,000 USD Example 2: Rate falls You sent to us 1 BTC by 10,000 USD/BTC Next day BTC rate is 9,000 USD/BTC This way you will get 10,000 instead of 9,000 USD

NO. PayPal does not allow any currency exchange as it written in their TOS. But we are providing anonymous payments that can't be linked to a currency exchange. We are doing random small and big transactions, random item names and comments so PayPal can't do nothing to you. 

Your PayPal account should be aged, verified and with transaction history. Your PayPal account should be able to receive big amounts of transactions so PayPal bots and algorithms can't limit you due to unusual activity.

Yes, of course but you need to contact support first. Otherwise you can lose this money and we won't be able to find it. Contact our support and tell them about it, they will manage this question:

You shouldn't worry at all. It's standard procedure by PayPal. Your money will be released in 24 hours. If not - please contact PayPal support after 24 hours. 

This is because your account doesn't match our exchanging requirements. Please refer to previous FAQs to prevent this from happening.

Cash App, Coinbase, Coinmama, to name a few.


Questions? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.